Our Champion for the month of June is none other than Mayfair Dream Project co-leader Jesse Paez. He has invested much of his time to the progression of his community. If there is one thing we learn from Jesse, it’s his determination and individuality.

Jesús “Jesse” Paez’s desire to help his community stems back to where he grew up, the more violent regions of the Philippines. Early in his life, Jesse dreamed of supporting his neighborhood, but he understood that trying to make a difference was often futile, and at times, life-risking. After he arrived to Parkland, he learned about Safe Streets when a neighbor invited him to a block meeting. He, along with his wife and kids, later joined to make Parkland a safer place by doing regular patrols and street clean-up, volunteering in other community events, and advocating for the needs of the community by communicating with elected officials and other organizations.

Jesse is a Mayfair Dream Project Group member. Their purpose is to develop the Mayfair Playfield into a more family-friendly playground to promote a safe, nurturing and healthy environment.  They acknowledge the need for a community “center” where children can play and neighbors can meet in able to have a long-term influence on the safety, security and the spirit of the community.

He appreciates Safe Streets because, “They take the initiative and have the open mindedness to do something different, such as the Mayfair Dream Project.” Jesse wishes more people in Parkland will be empowered to make a difference, branch out and help strengthen the community, and especially in West Parkland. In an effort to encourage and unite the Parkland communities, he and others started the “Parkland Bulletin Board”, an open Facebook page where people from the area can share news, information and events.

Throughout Jesse’s life, he has learned that, “It takes many different people, from many different backgrounds coming together and contributing in their own different ways – no matter how big or small – to help a community grow and prosper.  It’s not one person.  Everyone is equally important to our success.  And it is also important that we celebrate every success, no matter how small.”

Thank you Jesse for your continuous support to the community and we wish you more success in the future.

Learn more about the Mayfair Dream Project on their Facebook.

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