Safe Street Events

2021 National Night Out

August 3, 2021


The past year has certainly been one for the ages, and not in a way that we would like. We’ve been through a lot of stress and uncertainty, and Safe Streets hopes that you and your family have been able to cope as best as you can. We’re hoping that this year’s National Night Out will be a celebration not just of our neighborhoods and the bonds we share, but of our ability to endure hard times and the end that appears to be coming into view.

While we do expect that circumstances will be much more accommodating to block parties by August, we know that nothing is certain. Public safety will be first and foremost in our minds as we make preparations, but we also want to be aware of the current situation and be ready to adapt as restrictions lessen.

For the moment, we advise you to think of ways to hold safe NNO events, utilizing PPE, social distancing, handwashing, and other methods. We hope you will take advantage of any activities that will make your event both safe and fun. As always, with your permission, we will make your events known to police, fire, and other partners, but be aware that their ability to attend events will be governed by the current state of the pandemic in August.


Together, we are making communities safer, more caring places to live and work.


Registration is now closed. 


We hope you have a fun and safe National Night Out!