Youth-Serving Agencies Network

Safe Streets began coordinating the Youth-Serving Agencies Network (YSAN) of  Pierce County in 2018 through funding from the Washington State Partnership Council for Juvenile Justice‚Äôs Innovations in Juvenile Re-Entry grant program.

What Does It Do?

YSAN connects the various organizations serving youth in Pierce County  with the goal of increasing coordination, collaboration, and capacity to collectively provide comprehensive support to court-connected youth in Pierce County. The network leverages resources, shares in focused advocacy efforts, and reduces redundancies in program offerings to maximize impact on youth.

What Are The Outcomes?

The YSAN is all about building relationships across agencies, and staying informed about what we are all doing to support court-connected youth in our community. These relationships form the foundation for collaborations that we intentionally cultivate. An example of collaborations that have resulted from the YSAN include a 2019 project in which Safe Streets, Bold Solutions, Our Sisters House, Tacoma Boat Builders, and Alchemy Skateboarding won funding from the Washington State Healthcare Authority and subsequently completed an intensive project focused on enhancing trauma-informed approaches within our organization.

Can My Youth-Serving Organization Join YSAN?

The YSAN is maintained for the benefit of the youth and community of Pierce County and there is no fee to join. YSAN meetings are held every other month.  Please contact Kaitlan Ohler at to learn more about being part of this network of incredible organizations.