Environmental Equity Programs

Did you know you can impact your community AND be socially-distant?

Despite the challenges COVID-19 has presented to neighborhoods, businesses, and families across Pierce County, Safe Streets continues to support community groups looking for safe ways to reduce pollution and destruction to their local environment. Through the dedication and commitment of our staff, neighbors and neighborhood groups are able to receive essential supplies such as buckets, garbage bags, and little grabbers to clean up their neighborhood.

In the following programs, Safe Streets requires that all participants to comply with the Tacoma Health Department and CDC guidelines on prevention of COVID-19 which include the following:

  1. Practice social distancing of 6 feet
  2. Wearing face masks or other personal protection equipment
  3. Hand washing/sanitizing
  4. Use of gloves where appropriate

Waste Wizards

Does your neighborhood need a little love? Become your neighborhood’s Waste Wizard! Safe Streets can provide you with all of the equipment you need to clean up your neighborhood safely.

To obtain your clean up supplies, please complete the form here or call Alicia at (253) 820-1564. 

You can request the following clean up supplies in the form above:

  • Litter Grabbers
  • Gloves
  • Garbage Bags
  • Safety Vests
  • Buckets

Victory & Community Gardens

Do you want to grow food to support the community and local food banks? Do you want to beautify a public area of your neighborhood (traffic circle garden, etc.) or create a garden that your entire apartment community can enjoy? Safe Streets wants to support your community-building work.

To obtain your gardening supplies, please complete the form here or call Alicia at (253) 820-1564. 

Types of items that can be requested:

  • Soil or Tagro
  • Vegetable starts and seeds
  • Wood for planter boxes/planter boxes
  • Supplies – gloves, fertilizer
  • Beauty bark
  • Small gardening hand tools
  • Flowers and plants

How do I get my supplies?

The Safe Streets staff member who works with community members in your area will contact you once you have submitted the request form. 

Please allow 2 weeks to receive the requested funding and supplies.

If you have any difficulty purchasing or obtaining these supplies, please inform Safe Streets at info@safest.org.  

Pierce Conservation District Resources

Do you have another idea for community action or connection but don’t know where to start?

Today is the Day. Contact us to get started at info@safest.org or (253) 820-1564.