Training Resources

Businesses and community members to participate in this free and educational session.

Block 101 Training

Want to form a neighborhood group but don’t know how? Your Community Mobilization Specialist is able to work with you to set up a Block 101 Training, which is a Safe Streets facilitated training meant to teach neighbors how they can successfully organize to create positive community change.

During your Block 101 Training, your mobilizer will work with attendees to build your neighborhood group identity including:

  • Group Name
  • Boundaries
  • Mission
  • Ground Rules
  • Group Roles

Attendees will also brainstorm what they love about their neighborhood, what challenges or opportunities for improvements exist, and begin constructing an action plan to outline meaningful steps for moving forward.

If you are interested in meeting your neighbors, forming a groundwork for communication, and potentially creating a neighborhood group, then contact Safe Streets to schedule a Block 101 Training!

What Is Awareness & Safety Education?

Awareness and Safety Education consists of a one- to three-hour presentation instructed by Safe Streets staff. Education sessions may also include presentations from law enforcement officers and emergency professionals as scheduling allows.

What Does Safe Streets’ Awareness & Safety Education Consist Of?

Awareness & Safety Education is a non-confrontational approach to observing, reporting and limiting exposure to dangerous situations. 

Topics Include:
  • Neighborhood Organizing and Connectedness
  • Law Enforcement Partnerships
  • When to call 911 and what to expect
  • Making Quick Descriptions
  • Observe and Report Recommendations

If there is a training you are interested in that is not listed here, contact us at and we or partner agency will provide it for you. You can also view a few of our educational videos here