Safe Streets is an independent nonprofit organization that is registered as a 501(c)(3).

Learn more about our mission and vision on our About Us page

The organization answers to a Board of Directors that determines our Strategic Plan.

Safe Streets is not associated or connected operationally to any other organization.

Safe Streets does hold contracts with the City of Tacoma Neighborhood and Community Services department and the Pierce County for contracted services in unincorporated Pierce County.

We do partner with local government agencies including law enforcement departments and school districts but Safe Streets is not directly associated with any agency and is an independent nonprofit organization.

Safe Streets is in no way associated with the Safe Streets ADT Home Program.

Safe Streets was invited to lease office space within the Milgard Work Opportunity Center and is viewed as a tenant, we do collaborate with Goodwill when able to but is not a program and is its own nonprofit entity.

Safe Streets encourages everyone eligible to vote in national, state, city, and local elections.

We cannot endorse proportions or candidates in elections.