Become a Champion for Change

Champions for Change have a deep commitment to helping neighborhoods in our community. Today nearly 50 local individuals and families have chosen to make an annual investment of $1,000 or more to Safe Streets. The energy, excitement, and enthusiasm of these generous individuals inspires others and infuses hope into those who need it most.

When Champions for Change make an annual gift of $1,000 or more (that’s just $20/week), you help more neighborhoods get connected to programming that increases community safety. You also improve the chances for neighborhood groups to drive change and the opportunity to contribute to the success of the community we all love.

We have a way for everyone to get involved. There are a number of inspiring events, special networking opportunities, and unique volunteer engagement and advocacy activities throughout the year. As a Champions for Change, you can be as involved as you want in the activities that fit you best.

Become a Champion for Change today via our Donate page or contact us to talk about your impact!


AJ Losoya
Barry & Becky Reid
Bob & Janette Strode
Bryan & Christine Bartlett
Charleen Kenyon
Charles Diesing
Constance Miller
Daniel & Karen Patjens
Dean Wilson
Dennis Flannigan & Jayasri Ghosh
Dr. Priscilla Lisicich and Dr. David Haapala

Glenn & Kyle Huling
Hal Russell
Jacki & Edward Fischer
Jeffrey & Sarah McInnis
Jim Waldo
John & Jennifer Manolides
John & Judy Woodworth
John Cheesman
Julia Garnett
Justin & Amy Natali
Kathi Littmann
Lori Forte Harnick
Lucy Zhou
Lyle Quasim & Shelagh Taylor

Mike & Liz Dunbar
Mr. Todd Silver
Nancy Polich
Natalie & William Whitcomb
Nora Flemming de Sandoval
Norm Dicks
Patricia & Wayne Mannie

Rachel Young
Sally & Jamie Will
Sharon & David Holcomb
Stephen & Mary Barger
Steve Gordon
Thomas Falk

Our entry level for Champions for Change is a $85 monthly or $1,000 annual gift.

A portion of our funding comes from individual like you. Your generous donation is the very reason that our organization is able to remain operating and produce high-quality programs. Can I make monthly, quarterly, or bi-annually installments? Your gifts can be paid at all at once or in a series of installments. By giving a gift of as low as $85 per month, you can still become a Champion for Change.

Safe Streets welcomes matching gifts made by your business, company or organization. Contact your employer for the procedure to follow that verifies your gift. This helps our station even further.

Because Safe Streets highly respects the privacy and integrity of each of its donors, we will never sell or rent our member’s information with any other organization; in addition, if you choose to make an anonymous donation to Safe Streets, our staff will work with you in order to protect your privacy.

Safe Streets is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization. Your contributions to Safe Streets may be tax deductible. The fair market value of thank you gifts that you may receive from Safe Streets will be subtracted from the amount of your contribution on your receipt. If you have any question about tax deductions, please check with your tax adviser or financial planner.

You can find the annual report on the Impact page of our website.