Wellness Survey

Parkland residents we need you! Please take the wellness survey, linked below to inform the hub about what the community needs and wants to help youth thrive and be successful. All results are confidential.

Multi-sector partners in the Parkland community have established a youth wellness network including public health, K-12 education, higher education, community mobilization, private sector health organizations, government, juvenile justice, behavioral health services, grassroots community members, business, and elected leaders.  These partners have crafted a shared vision of health improvement for the Parkland community.  They intend to bring the community together to establish a community-led strategic plan that will be reviewed by the community every two-years. The partnership is currently seeking funding for hiring a Parkland Youth Wellness Hubs director and coordinator and expects to begin community planning by summer or fall 2023.

Community members and leaders from the Parkland area will be recruited to serve on an oversight and planning board responsible for determining child and family mental health priorities in the Parkland region and will oversee the development of a two-year strategic plan. Grassroots partners/leaders to launch the coproduction are members of Safe Streets organized neighborhood groups including Parkland Neighbors, The Garfield Business District and the Parkland Rotary. Other community leaders are expected to come the school district, public health department, and local mental health serving agencies.

The Youth Wellness Hub will execute the community plan by convening child and youth-serving organizations in the Parkland region (education, health care, nonprofit, state services) to identify aligned service and funding priorities. The Youth Wellness Hub will also seek external funding through government and private sources to directly address areas of the strategic plan not already addressed through existing services.

A widely distributed locally-tailored information campaign about youth behavioral health will build awareness of the core issues for youth as well as support and engage  community members.

Community Partners