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How does a neighborhood group form?

Posted On: August 7, 2019

We’re excited to report that a new neighborhood group just formed! The Thompson Park Safe Streets Neighborhood Group was founded on Wednesday, June 5.

How does a neighborhood group get started?

In this case, Safe Streets received a phone call from a resident who had heard of our organization. She called in mid-May to inquire about starting a neighborhood watch group to solve some issues in her neighborhood.

One of our staff people called her back and told her about our 101 Block Watch class. She gathered five residents who gathered at a home for the two-hour class.

They learned: 
• What a neighborhood watch group is.
• How to create a safe, clean and healthy neighborhood.
• Keys to success, goals, work plans, partnerships, and other resources.

Then they decided on the details:
• Appointed residents to leadership roles and assigned responsibilities
• Decided on the group’s name, boundaries, meeting dates, and times.
• Created expectations for members’ roles and responsibilities.

Like other groups before them, the residents left inspired and motivated after spending time together.

The Thompson Park group started a neighborhood watch program right away. Our Safe Streets liaison printed flyers to invite more residents to join the group.

With just a few committed neighbors, anyone can form a neighborhood group. Safe Streets is available to train and support you all along the way. We’re responsive, often replying the same day you call and delivering on the materials we promise. (Those flyers made it back to them that same evening.)

Interested in making a change in your neighborhood? Get in touch! We’d love to support you.