County Resources

Quick Reference Guide

Call 911 for Police, Fire, Life threatening, Medical emergency, or Dangerous activity 

Call (253) 798-4721 for Non-Emergency – Suspicious activity, crimes that are not currently in progress. Report online at 

Call (253) 798-4636 for code enforcement reports such as junk vehicles, solid waste, or overgrown vegetation. Report online at 

Call (253) 798-7537 for Drug Activity 

Call (253) 272-6824 for questions about Safe Streets, Safe Streets groups, or about home exterior security (CPTED) assessments 

Call (253) 432-4948 to reach the Safe Streets Key Peninsula office.

Other Numbers

Pierce Transit: (253) 581-8000

Public Works Utility Bills:  (253) 798-4020 

Roads Department: (253) 798-6000

Pierce County Council: (253) 798-7777 

Animal Control: (253) 798-7387          

Pierce County Parks: (253) 798-4199 

Pierce County Library System: (253) 798-4199 

United Way (Local Social Services): 211 

Comprehensive Life Resources (Residential Homeless Response): (253) 396-5065 

Greater Lakes Mental Health Homeless Outreach team (PATH): (253) 278-5403 or (253) 307-5143 

Additional Resources 

PCSD Community Liaison Deputy 

This program is a division of the Pierce County Sheriff’s Department. The deputies are not the same as patrol deputies and work on a variety of criminal issues that affect community well-being. They are also available to talk with neighborhood groups at (253) 798-4816 and