Hey there, future change-maker! We’re thrilled to see your interest in our National Night Out event. We’ve gathered some of the most frequently asked questions to help you get a better understanding of what to expect.

Remember, your involvement is key to making a positive impact in our community!

National Night Out is a nationwide event designed to build stronger communities by encouraging neighbors to connect with each other and with local community workers. The goal is to promote community spirit and connection.

Whatever you want! National Night Out is meant to be an event made by your neighborhood, for your neighborhood. As long as it isn’t illegal, whatever activities you want to hold are good. Plan the event with your neighbors to encourage them to join, and create an event that’s fun for everyone.

Common event activities include

  • Potluck
  • Barbeques
  • Sharing talents, hobbies, occupations

  • Games

The National Night Out event is held annually on the first Tuesday in August. In some communities there are large celebrations, in others a single cul-de-sac or apartment complex might have a smaller celebration. Every celebration is unique! While it is seen as an evening event, when your event is held is up to you and your neighborhood. Consult with your neighbors to determine what time works best. If your neighborhood cannot hold their event on the official NNO day, you can still hold it whenever works for you. Keep in mind that community partners reserve that Tuesday for official NNO events and are less likely to attend events held on other days.

Everyone! We encourage all residents, students, and neighbors to participate. It’s a great opportunity to get to know your neighbors.

Nope. You and your neighbors determine who you would like to invite! Safe Streets can help coordinate (but doesn’t guarantee) visits, but they are not required.

One of the unique features of National Night Out is the chance to spend time with those who contribute to the management and health of the city and county. Fire departments, Law Enforcement, and others take advantage of this event to interact with the community.

Community partners have partnered with Safe Streets to coordinate between them and National Night Out participants. As part of NNO registration, you will select what community partners you’d like to come to your event. Partners will be notified of all events that have expressed interest in their attendance and schedule when and where they will attend.

Keep in mind that while community partners do set National Night Out aside to visit events, they still have responsibilities to fulfill and are restricted by time and resources. Requesting a visit from a community partner does NOT guarantee that they will be able to come to your event.

There is no right or wrong way to organize an NNO celebration! Some celebrations, like in Parkland, are community-wide with resource tables, entertainment, and hundreds of attendees. Others are as small as neighbors from a single street block gathering with lawn chairs. For a new group it’s easiest to invite your friends and immediate neighbors. Work with each other to determine the size that works best for you.

You can get involved in many ways! Here are a couple of ideas:

  • Attend the event and bring your friends and family along.
  • Volunteer to help with event setup or cleanup.
  • Offer to host a stand or activity.
  • Donate supplies or sponsor a part of the event.

No, participation in the National Night Out is absolutely free. However, donations are always welcome to help cover the costs and support our community initiatives.

Still have questions? Don’t hesitate to reach out to us. We’re here to listen and help you get involved. Remember, together we can make a difference!

Blocking off your street – NNO events in Tacoma who register with Safe Streets are part of a permit that allows you to block off your street for your event. This only applies to residential streets that are not primary routes for traffic (otherwise known as non-arterial streets).

When you register, you will receive instructions on how to block off your streets safely. Safe Streets does not provide barriers. Make sure that all residents know in advance if you are planning to block off your street.